I have since 1995 worked with sheet metal working machines first HM Machinery in Thisted.
And since 2004 as an independent with my own compagny.

I visit a lot of contryes for reparing machines,Do not be reluctant to request a price for the repair of your machine.

I have high experience in servicing and repairs of HM machines, Viking/Jono shears and pressbrakes

I have also in recent years been mounting and serviced a portion of pressbrakes and shears with Delem controller from the italien compagny FARINA

I still work together with the HM machinery , both as a service engineer and as a consultant .

I offer advice, adjustment and optimization of sheet metal working machines ,Electric problems/plc, replacement / return shear knives, straightening pressbrakes, adjustment/repair of backgauge , statutory safety checks , relocation of machines, and the sale of spare parts.

I buy and sell a lot of new and used Sheet metal working machines, where the service is kept in focus.

I can help with advice on the purchase of new / used, since I've seen many times that customers have bought the wrong machine due to faulty guidance.
Johnny Hedegaard
Under Bakken 43 - 7950 Erslev - Tlf. +45 30 94 33 20 - Email: